A dozen people endured the strong wind and chilly temps last Saturday to help with the count. Looks like we are around 145 species with one group still to report. Down from last year, but still good number of Bobolinks with 277 tallied so far. We also had high numbers of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and White-crowned Sparrows. Still have both coming to my feeders too.Several Gold-winged Warblers were found including June Newman getting her "Lifer" and 4 found by Terry McNeely as well as a Mourning Warbler and all the other good stuff he always finds. Low numbers were recorded for Carolina Wrens and Eastern Bluebirds, likely due to the harsh Winter. Somewhat of a surprise were 4 lingering Ring-necked Ducks at TRW.
  The other really exciting time for June and myself was looking up to watch a smaller bird harassing a Raptor. It turned out to be an American Crow diving on an adult Bald Eagle. It kept it up until the Eagle rolled over to show the Crow it's talons. The Crow was departing when a Peregrine Falcon dived in to get in on the action, and then a second Peregrine came in. They took a couple swipes at the BAEA before moving off together.
 Thanks to everyone who helped this year, esp Dianne for having the FOOD ready when we got back.
 Steve Kinder
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