Here in Stoddard County (central Bootheel of southeast MO) we still have a few crisp adult White-crowned Sparrows in our yard and picking through the vegetable garden.


A quick look at ASM "Species Search" - ( for White-crowned's in May show that the last reported dates of WCSP (to the CACHE database) in previous years were:

5/17/2009  Columbia Bottom CA

5/17/2008  Columbia Bottom CA

5/19/2007  Columbia Bottom CA

5/20/2006  Fountain Grove CA

5/15/2005  Leach (B K) Mem CA


Disclaimer: These dates are, of course, for conservation area reports only. There may very well be later dates reported to seasonal compilers and/or may be documented in the corresponding edition of "The Bluebird" ASM's quarterly publication.


So the White-crowneds we're seeing now are porbably the last few to migrate through for Spring - given about another week. However, the warbler spring migratory push appears to be about 2 weeks behind, the push of sparrows to be out of the state may also be tardy.


Of course, I digress to those with more experience and knowledge . . . these are simply my humble observations of what is turning into a frustrating spring season for yours truly! Peace. . . !


Good Birding to all!

Chris Barrigar
Bloomfield, MO
Stoddard Co.
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