Only had a couple of hours this evening to bird after doing chores, so I headed to Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary. Arriving shortly after 5pm, I really wasn't expecting much activity this late in the day. I began watching the feeders, hoping for a Lazuli Bunting (LABU has been seen here before during the 1st week of May). Instead, a male BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK in what appeared to be full alternate (breeding) plumage dropped down to a feeder not 12 feet in front of me! I watched the bird for about a minute and he left; flying off into the woods behind the nature center. This happened about 5:30pm.
While walking slowly down the paved trail to Rush Creek, I was able to identify 14 species of Warbler, a few Swainson's Thrush, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, a Philadelphia Vireo (directly overhead) and everywhere I looked, there was a small empidonax flycatcher flicking it's tail and saying "whit."
Perhaps the most sublime moment occured when a Lincoln's Sparrow popped up out of a brushpile, landed nearby and delighted me with a five minute thrush-like concerto as the evening light waned. Too cool!
Good Birding,
Doug Willis
Liberty, MO
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