Mobirds & friends,


A long weekend in southern Barry county produced three consecutive days of at least twenty warbler species for us; 25 on Friday, 21 on Saturday, and 24 today.  Only the second time we’ve seen Blackburinan and Blackpoll Warblers in Barry County.  First time to record Canada Warblers there.  We also saw four Painted Buntings over the weekend.  Our warbler list included:


Blue Winged (at least 25)

Golden-winged (voice only until one good look on Sunday)

Tennessee (many)


Northern Parula (many)



Yellow-rumped (even a few singing)

Blackburnian ( only a brief view Saturday, heard all three days)




Blackpoll (several)

Cerulean (8-10 total)

Black & White

American Redstart (fewer than normal)


Worm-eating (6-8, more than normal)

Ovenbird (a lot)

Louisiana Waterthrush


Common Yellowthroat

Hooded( at least a dozen)


Yellow-breasted Chat


Friday’s total was 96 species, Saturday 86, and Sunday 85.  We also observed some very peculiar Great Blue Heron activity.  Two birds in a shallow stream facing each other.  They held the neck extended and the head looking up at about a 45 degree angle.  They fluffed the wings slightly which made them appear larger, then they slowly walked across the stream, passing each other in the middle, then continuing to the opposite bank.  Then they would turn and repeat the process.  This went on for several minutes.  Very weird.


Jerry & Margie Williams

Republic, Mo.

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