Started early this morning at my parent's house in Washington County - With the high winds birds were hard to find.  However, there were certainly good birds found:

1 - Barred Owl
6-8 Whip-poor-will
~10 - Ruby-throated Hummingbird
2 - adult male Red-headed Woodpecker's, pretty darn uncommon in the Ozark hills
2 - Acadian Flycatcher
4 - Eastern Wood Peewee, pretty low count, I assume many are still on there way
3 species of Vireo; White-eyed, Yellow-throated, and Red-eyed
1 - Ruby-crowned Kinglet
2 - Gray-cheeked Thrush
40+ Swainson's Thrush; They must have really moved in last night as they were all over the woods
4-6 Wood Thrush
13 species of Warbler; Blue-winged, Tennessee (finally in in good numbers), Nashville, Northern Parula, Chestnut-sided, Prairie, Blackpoll, Black and White, Worm-eating, Ovenbird, Kentucky, my first Washington County MOURNING WARBLER (an adult male), and Yellow-breasted Chats.
Both species of Tanagers and many Indigo Buntings

Zero Wild Turkey heard or seen today.


 Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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Bird Photos: 

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