Hey all,

Had a stressful week (finals, yes...even in grad school we still have
them...), so I decided to get a head-start on the inevitable weekend birding
by heading out to Eagle Bluffs with man's best friend (no, not a Wilson's
Phalarope...) to see what we could see.

Coolest spots of the day by far were the BABIES!  Katy Pool is now home to 4
little goslings and at least 1 baby Killdeer.  I also spotted another half
dozen in Pool 10.  I got a few good pictures of all 3 groups of babies.  I'm
looking forward to seeing more in the weeks ahead.  The ones who can walk
around are just so cute!

Shorebirds and waterfowl numbers are way down.  I would guess less than 200
total Coots, Teals, etc. remain in well-dispersed pockets of a dozen or
less.  There are no big flocks remaining that I can see.  Shorebirds were
limited to a couple of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs just before the first
one-way loop.

The best-represented species now (blackbirds aside) are swallows and
songbirds.  I caught my FOY glimpse of Prothonotary Warbler in the trees
above Pool 13 as well as a somewhat surprising lifer: Yellow Warbler (I'm
terrible with warblers...).  In fact, Yellow Warblers were all over the
place.  I counted at least 5 between the distribution channel and Pool 13. 
Indigo Bunting were calling all over, a Northern Mockingbird was staking his
claim over the gate to the one-way loop, and an Eastern Kingbird was sulking
high in a tree watching the NOMO eat up his bugs.

Brown-headed Cowbirds, Red-winged Blackbirds, Eastern Meadowlarks, and
Horned Larks abound in the grassy areas.  As well, saw 3 Yellow-headed
Blackbirds in amongst the Brown-headed ones.

Another cool spot were 3 Scissor-tailed Flycatchers playing in the field
just past the first 90* turn in Eagle Bluffs proper.  I got some great
photos, but don't have them uploaded yet.  I'll post a reply tomorrow.

In all, saw 41 species including 2 FOY (the warblers) and many cool spots. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

-Chase Darr
Columbia, MO

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