Heard that the bird numbers were way down at Tower Grove 
this Sunday AM from yesterday.
Checked the Nexrad base reflectivity last night at 11 PM, Sat. night
for the St. Louis area (Chesterfield) and it was VERY spotty
and sparse...actually the same sparseness in Central IL too. 

The west near KC and Springfield were much more intense and 
what is normally seen during a decent migration night.

HEY, maybe there is something with this Nexrad stuff. 
See URL below. 
Click on Base Reflectivity Map for the location desired.
Only "works" at night and when the radar is in 
"clear air mode"

BTW..........NO CONN. Warb seen I assume at TGP because there
have been no calls (or maybe no one calls any more?) 
and David Becher did not find it this AM. 

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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