Started at Firma and Dalbow road in St Charles county. Right at intersection there were quite a few shorebirds, the best was a single Marbled Godwit. This bird was not found on my way out.

I then continued to the wet spot on the left  before the RR tracks. This had the usual shorebirds plus a few Dowitchers, a Stilt Sandpiper and 2 Ruddy Turnstones.

Across the tracks on the left the water is drying up but still held easily 500 shorbirds:
Greater Yellowlegs
Lesser Yellowlegs
Solitary sandpiper(SP)
Semipalmated SP
Least SP
Bairds SP
Stilt SP (3)
Wilson Phalaropes
Pectoral SP
I have been to this location twice and each time a Peregrine has come through and spooked the birds.

I ws going to continue up 79 but the weather looked bad so I headed to Columbia Bottoms. Very few shorebirds, did have 2 Little blue Herons and a Grasshopper sparrow near the bridge to nowhere.

Then went to riverlands. No shorebirds (lots of mud flats) but did add spotted SP. Also Black terns in the main channel a 1/4 mile above dam along with some black headed gulls, at least one had an eye ring so I think it ws a Frankins, the rest may have been Laughing gulls.

Lincoln Shields had some gulls on the mud flats along with 2 Caspian Terns.

Then stopped at "stonehedge" parking lot. Cross the old railbed, head up the left side of the bank ( high boots required) walked up about 300 yards to a boatdock, probaly over 1000 shorebirds. All the ones previously mentioned but no Godwits or Turnstones. Added the following to the list for today:
Semi-Palmated plovers (at least 40) and some white-rumped Sandpipers. 

Dave Haenni, Des Peres Mo


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