My uncle, who is not a birder, told me there were tons of flouresent blue birds "all over the Katy trail" in Jefferson City. Based on the rest of his description, I'd say indigo buntings. Last night, my mom (also not a birder, but I'm trying to convert her) called to report the most beautiful bird she'd ever seen in her yard. After some discussion and getting her on WhatBird, she IDed it as an indigo bunting too.

In my yard, nothing out of the ordinary, but I did get a quick glimpse of my FOY gray catbird before it slipped like a secret back into the bushes. Mom and I both put out our hummingbird feeders and immediately had FOY ruby throats helping themselves.

A few of us from the River Bluffs chapter made an attempt at the migratory count Saturday morning, but due to very cold temperatures, some evil winds and a significant lack of warblers, we didn't stay out long. We did get a great showing from a broad winged hawk who was something of a ham. At the shore bird pond at Binder Lake, we got a buch of pectoral sandpipers, some least sandpipers, some yellowlegs (some debate over greater, lesser or both - I'm holding out for both) and a long-billed dowitcher. All lifers for me, so it was a good day, if cold.

Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City, Cole County

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