Birds of Note:  1 Black-necked Stilt, both Yellowlegs species, Dickcissels, Bobolinks.
Yesterday I took a couple or four hours midday to drive up to Firma and Dalbow Roads off Hwy 79 to see if there were any shorebirds or phalaropes still around.  On my first run past, there were several Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, 1 Black-necked Stilt (dark brown so probably a female) and 1 Killdeer.  Past the railroad tracks in the big green field on the right were about 80-100 Great Egrets and a few Great Blue Herons.
New birds for the year for me were my first Dickcissel just over the RR overpass on Dalbow, then many more on the wires above the road that forms the right edge of the Keeteman Road sod fields.  But I was really delighted to see several Bobolinks in the field to the right of that edge road.  They walked on that road in front of me, flew over and back, and perched up on the vegetation accompanied by at least an equal number of Savannah Sparrows.  No Upland Sandpipers were discovered.
On my way back from Winfield (lots of swallows, some Barn, mostly Cliff) flying under and around the causeway bridge over very high water in the slough and river; I made a second pass at the ponds on Dalbow and saw the same birds plus about 20 birds clustered together, then moving together when something spooked them on the far side of the furthest line of short stubble in the first large pond on the left.  They were backlit and I was ready to head home so left them unidentified.  The green field was empty of most if not all of the Egrets.  I did see Connie Alwood and wished him better luck.
A day with Bobolinks goes as a winner.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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