I did see my FOY BOBO today! Larry Lade and I saw half a dozen today along blacktop road YY near the Linn/Chariton Co.line. We stopped to listen to them sing too. We also saw an all WHITE Meadowlark along YY too! Had my first Dickcissels along the way also.
Larry and I had started at Pershing SP this morning but left after a short time when the rain came in. We heard White-eyed Vireo and Prothonotary Warbler among other things before we had to leave. We went onto Swan Lake NWR where we looked without success for the Yellow-crowned Night-Herons. They seemed to have moved on fron the area where there were earlier. Water levels are very high again at the refuge and only shorebirds seen besides Killdeer were 25+ Spotted Sandpipers around Silver Lake and 22 Lesser Yellowlegs in a floodle. Ducks included couple of Gadwall and a male Wigeon. Some other birds found at Swan -
Snow Geese - 40
 Bald Eagle - 1 adult
Barred Owl - sitting on power line in the open and still there couple hours later
Red-headed Woodpeckers - all over
Least Flycatcher
 Willow Flycatcher - seen and heard
Fish Crow - seen and heard - may be first for the area?
Grey Catbirds - all over
Common Yellowthroat and Yellow Warblers all over,
also Nashville, N. Parula, Yellow-rumped, Am. Redstarts-many, and a Blackpoll Warbler, and heard only was a Hooded Warbler that was on the wrong side of the water.
White-crowned Sparrow - quite a few around, also Chipping, Lark, Savannah, Song, Swamp, and Lincoln's Sparrows
Rose-breasted Grosbeaks
 Orchard and Baltimore Orioles - many of each
We stopped back at Pershing this p.m. and added - 
Tennessee, Black-throated Green, Black and White, and Yellow-breasted Chat Warblers

 Summer and Scarlet Tanagers singing across from each other in the Picnic area with that stunning view of a male Scarlet with Sun shining on it in a Green Tree!  Dosen't get much better than that!

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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