Today, at a family gathering at my folks place, I glanced out into the yard my 
parents have groomed for 35  years for birds and wildlife.  I looked into some 
of the smaller trees to see what as stirring in the yard as I have been waiting 
for several birds to finally show up.  I had 3 FOY birds today.  The highlight for 
me, was a male Blue Grosbeak.  I could not believe it.  Not that I saw a Blue 
Grosbeak, as my parents yard has had them for several years now.  What 
amazed me was that last years FOY sighting of a Blue Grosbeak was also on 
May 2nd!  

To make things even more that I also saw my FOY Male Ruby-
throated Hummingbird.  Guess was May 2nd last year for my FOY 
Hummer AND...saw a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak today...and last year, May 
2nd, I say my FOY  Rose-breasted Grosbeak on May 2nd.

I thought it was pretty neat to have last years results repeat themself.  It 
was indeed a joy to see the Blue Grosbeak as well as the others.  I hope they 
nest here like they have done so in the past.  It is among my favorite birds to 
observe and photograph.

Jason G. Harrison
Troy, Mo

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