Feeling numb is an oxymoron,
or is it oxycontin?

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        And yet for all that, it is Eliot who impresses most with his unique idiom of poetry -- a new voice -- what "with polysemy, multiple subject positions and voices, disjunctive narrative and other formal elements", as Diana Manister so aptly put it.

        "Let us go then, you and I,  
         When the evening is spread out against the sky  
         Like a patient etherised upon a table;"


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                Another resonance from Baudelaire -- 

                Au lecteur (To the reader)


                Helps appreciate Eliot -- for sure!


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                  Here's "Les Chats" ("Cats") from Charles Baudelaire's 'Fleurs du mal' along with some English translations at


                  Hope it sets up resonances vis-a-vis TSE.