Et  regardez encore cette image
And regard the predominance of the brown --
it's a strain in TWL : "The wind / Crosses the brown land, unheard." --
"unheard" because there is no one to hear.
"Unreal City,
 Under the brown fog of a winter dawn,
 A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many,
 I had not thought death had undone so many."
"The river's tent is broken: the last fingers of leaf
 Clutch and sink into the wet bank. The wind
 Crosses the brown land, unheard. The nymphs are departed."
"Unreal City
 Under the brown fog of a winter noon
 Mr. Eugenides, the Smyrna merchant "
"But when I look ahead up the white road 
There is always another one walking beside you
Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle* . . . "
[*and, therefore, indistinguishable, obscure. To me, in line with Eliot's deliberate distinction between white and white, red and red , brown and brown . . .]
Well, just an observation, if you like.

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Et,  regardez bien cette image, s'il vous plait --
Here's for me a fine emblem of TWL's "where the sun beats".