Fully agree with Ken - suggest that arid, desultory, casual, pointless, unfulfillingsexual relationships are the theme - including rape etc., but by no means confined to that.

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Tom Colket wrote:
Nancy wrote:
N> the term "assaults" remains a violent term.
 Also Tiresias says, "And I Tiresias have foresuffered all/Enacted on this same divan or bed;". So what Tiresias sees between the typist and the young man makes him think about suffering.
  But what the typist says --
'Well now that's done: and I'm glad it's over.'
-- doesn't line up very well with that suffering or, for that matter, with a violent assault. You have to ask: who does suffer? Pretty clearly, if the small house agent's clerk and/or the typist are suffering, they don't know it.

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