If I may suggest, Mr Eugenides might be seen as part of just one intertwined  theme in TWL of arid/wasted/casual/forced sexual relations at a personal level, along with, at a geopolitical one, the post-WW1 disintegration of the former (eastern) European Empires, Ssuch as Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman.
Smyrna for example was prominent in the news around that time, regarding post-WW1 ceding of that area from Turkey to Greece. 
ps Carroll
Whatever the draconian penalties for it, 'sodomy' was a very well-established (almost institutionalised) part of English culture, especially in closed, exclusively-male communities such as the Royal Navy; the Church and especially the 'public' schools (Eton etc.), where most of the nation's future leaders and thinkers and writers grew up.