"When lovely woman stoops to folly" the song of Olivia returning to the place where she was seduced - Goldsmith
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“He do the Police in different voices” -- these echoes inhabit the waste land.

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Why do you say there is a "misjudgement" of a stranger's interest on spending a weekend with the narrator? What in the text says that Mr. Eugenides is not propositioning the narrator when he asks him to lunch at the Cannon Street Hotel followed by a weekend at the Metropole?

By the way, did you notice that the Eugenides lines are placed immediately _after_ the lines "So rudely forc'd/ Tereu" (alluding to the rape of Philomela) and right _before_ the lines about the rape of the typist by the young man carbuncular?

Lines about a sexual proposition (where the reader is left in the dark about the outcome) sandwiched between two passages dealing with rape? What a strange coincidence . . .