Fellow ASM members,
America's largest contiguous wetland and our largest estuaries could be destroyed in the next couple of month if they do get this off-shore oil spill under control, I don't want to even think what will happen to the birds and bird habitat if a major storm hits the gulf before the leak is capped, a leak that is 7000 feet bsl and pumping between 20000 and 40000 bbls of crude into the gulf each day.
This spill has the potential to be the worse environmental catastrophe ever, a spill that could effect birds, bird habitat and bird migration routes for generations. If this oil spill continues the Louisiana coast and millions of birds will be threatened or possibly destroyed. Bewfore it comes to this I would like to board to discuss making a contribution to bird rescue and oil detoxification of oil covered birds. 
I would also recommend that ASM put a volunteer team together to drive down and help if needed. I would like to be the first volunteer!
Mike Doyen
Rolla, MO
Bird by bird I've come to know the earth.
Pablo Neruda.
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