Despite the high winds and early leaf-out, patience rewarded me with a life 

Cerulean Warbler male seen and heard near the boat ramp area-high in 
towering Sycamore, seemed to be interested in large vines on the tree-maybe 

N Parulas- many heard, a few seen all over
Lovely male American Redstart-FOY- singing and visual main trail by the 
Meremac R.
Yellow-throated Warbler- one male seen, a few heard
Acadian Flycatcher- several heard-different areas
Summer Tanager male-seen on main trail by river
Unconfirmed Hooded Warbler song-none seen.
Other varied songs heard but could not get visuals- a bit frustrating.

I climbed the Lone Wolf Trail, not knowing how windy it was on the top- a 
nice walk and many wild flowers resembling Ladies Tresses; Bergamot is 
starting; no birds tho. A little bit spooky with large tree branches groaning 
against one another, and debris flying about.

Good birding, and thanks for the Columbia birding spot suggestions.

Linda Bobo

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