At 6:15 AM there were 16 Sora in the center of the first one way loop. Inthe pool by the main road were 6 visible Sora , 2 Wilson's Snipes, and a Solitary Sandpiper. In the pool  at the other end were 5 Sora and a Virginia Rail. At 8:30 when I left to go to work the Sora, a Wilson's Snipe and the Solitary Sandpiper were still visible by the pools. A Osprey was flying north up the distribution channel. At pool 11 I heard but saw no Sora. When I drove up 2 birds that could have been American Bitterns flew away. Pool 10 had too many shore birds to count. I stopped at about 160 Lesser Sandpipers only 1 Greater. 50 Pectoral Sandpipers and a few others I cound not identify. There were several large flocks that flew away before I could view them. In the Sapp track I found some Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs and Pectoral Sandpipers. Tree Swallow were everywhere, as well as two Northern Rough-winged Swallows and a Cliff Swallow by the Katy Pool. Full List will be posted later I'm slowly catching up on a backlog of Cache entries.

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