Ellis Bay in Riverlands in St. Charles County has extensive mudflats. Unfortunately it had few shorebirds this morning. I could only find six Semi-palmated Plovers. Heron Pond had a smattering of yellowlegs and Pecs. Lincoln Shields had a lonely Spotted Sandpiper picking insects off the stumps in Lincoln/Shields. What local birders have named Stonehenge (mudflats south of Lincoln/Shields and accessed by driving approximately one mile south on Hwy 67 from Lincoln Shields--the parking lot is cordoned off with large bolders), had mudflats, but no birds.
Several hundred Pectoral Sandpipers and fifty or so Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs were in the Wood Stork pool at the end of Riverlands Way.
The shorebirds at Riverlands often change by the hour.
Connie Alwood
St. Louis County
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