Here are a smattering of birds I have either not seen reported yet, birds of possible interest, or first of year birds (at least for me).

Pacific Palisades (Jefferson County) - April 17
1 - House Wren
1 - Lark Sparrow
Riverlands M.B.S. (St. Charles County) - April 18
Couldn't find the Piping Plovers reported by Rad yesterday, but did have:
1 - Sora - along Wise Road
4 - Semipalmated Plover - Ellis Bay
3 - Solitary Sandpiper
6 - Greater Yellowlegs
12 - Lesser Yellowlegs
2 - Wilson's Snipe
1 - Bonaparte's Gull - Lincoln Shields
1 - Caspian Tern - Ellis Bay
1 - Forster's Tern - Ellis Bay
Savannah Sparrows all over
There were quite a few shorebirds at the back of Heron Pond - but I could not make out much from Riverlands Way with the bright lighting.

Columbia Bottom CA (St. Louis County) - April 18 - Very quick trip through
60+ Pectoral Sandpiper
6 - Solitary Sandpiper
3 - Greater Yellowlegs
6 - Lesser Yellowlegs
40+ Wilson's Snipe
Many - Grasshopper Sparrows
Savannah Sparrows all over here also

On the home front - Eureka (St. Louis County)
Along the creek next to my house there are at least 4 Northern Parula, 6 Yellow-throated Warbler and 4 Louisiana Waterthrush....  And pretty sure I heard a Warbling Vireo singing yesterday, but I only heard it once.

Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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