Terry McNeely and I were at Dunn Ranch early this morning. Highlights were -
Total of 4 male and 1 female Greater Praire Chicken seen on two differnt ridge tops half a mile apart. two of the males flew to the other ridge when the hen showed up there.
 10+ Upland Sandpipers -  best place around to find these guys.
 100+ Smith's Longspurs, good look at a male coming into breeding plumage
Flock of 8 Am Golden Plovers - fly by
 Grasshopper Sparrow heard, also Song, Swamp, Field, Savannah-many,  and a Lincoln's Sparrow.
 I thought I heard Henslow's couple of times but hard to be sure with Horned Lark, E & W Meadowlarks, Savannah Sparrows, Am. Robin, etc. singing at same place.
 I had Chipping Sparrow farther west after Terry left and a FOY Lark Sparrow. That's O.K. though Terry had seen one in Livingston Co. a few days ago.
we also saw 10 White-tailed Deer and a pack of 4 Coyotes hunting together out on the open Praire

 I stopped by Ivan Ray Millers - Amish family SE of Jamesport, Daviess Co. - on the way home. They have large Purple Martin Colony and presently have close to 100 birds so far, probably will have many more come in soon. The birds had started carrying nesting material to the large number of Houses and Gourds there.
 Nice bunch of Bluebells blooming in a creek bottom along B hwy Daviess Co.
 Happy Spring,
 Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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