A couple of people suggested a Phoebe, but it isn't a Phoebe--I know the 
Phoebe's voice. And Chuck-will's widow was also mentioned--it's not that 

Concerning the call: 

whip-por-WHEAT . . . whip-por-WHEE-dle 

the "WHEAT" syllable ascends, but "-dle" descends. 

I've been listening to all of the flycatcher calls and nothing matches. It is not 
a Baltimore Oriole, Summer Tanager, or Rose-Breasted Grosbeak (which we 
have here as well). 

If you are a musician, the rhythm is: dotted-eighth, sixteenth followed by a 
quarter note; then dotted-eighth, sixteenth followed by sixteenth, dotted-

Thanks everyone!

Debbie Nichols
Hannibal MO

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