Weldon Spring Site Interpretive  Center Prairie
(where S-T Kite was a few years ago)
St. Charles co, along Hwy 94, just past the Francis Howell High School.(Hwy 
D, Hwy 94 )

Jim and I heard HENSLOW'S SPARROWS sa-licking in the Mt. Doom Prairie, south 
Do NOT go into the entrance, but turn at the next road that takes you back 
to the Gov't
Readiness Center. (Guess it's OK to be back along this road, have not had 
any problems
other years) We heard the birds nearish to the construction trailer in the 
Think there are multiple birds out there.

BTW, PRAIRIE WARBS were heard across from the high school a day ago.

Charlene Malone
St.Louis co.


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