The WGNSS group headed down Lost Valley Trial this morning.  There were lots of Louisiana Waterthrushes, Yellow-throated Warblers, and Northern Parulas singing along the trail.  Blue-gray Gnatchatchers were also common. We had two Wood Duck flybys and the usual other birds.  Fallen Oak Nature Trail produced male and female Pine Warblers and a not very cooperative Red-breasted Nuthatch among the more common birds.  The area around the HQ produced Chipping and Field Sparrows, one Barn Swallow, and a lone female Purple Finch among the Gold and House Finches.  We could not hear any Henslow's Sparrows along the road, but there was a singing White-eyed Vireo deep in the brush near lake 7 and two Pileated WPs.  The "shorebird" ponds near Lake 33 had no habitat at the moment.  Down at Dardenne creek we heard all the same warblers we had at Lost Valley.  All in all a good day.
David Becher
Saint Louis 
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