I did about a 45 minute quick drive through Eagle Bluffs about 7p last night.  Hoped for the YH Blackbird, but a little hard to find at that speed.   Ducks were dropping into Pool 10 in very good numbers, then swirling up with unsuccessful passes by the immature Bald Eagle.    There was a whole line of shorebirds at the back end of pool 15-14 (visible from the back end of the second one way loop)  --- but too far out for scoping from the road.  Appeared to be pectoral and lesser yellowlegs from the size.    Heard sora and marsh wrens in several locations.


The shorebird habitat looks FABULOUS at Eagle Bluffs, and with minimal rain predicted for this week, hopefully it will remain so.   A huge bloom of some flies/gnats made it difficult to be outside of the vehicle --- but should provide great food source.


On Saturday at the golf course, no parulas.  By Sunday,   they were singing up and down the Hinkson Creek area – must have been ten of them!  (no birdies of the scorecard variety on either day!)

Jean Leonatti
Boone County
Columbia, MO
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