Gorgeous day to check out warblers, etc at Lost Valley, Weldon Springs. On 
4/9/10 from noon-1:30: birded along main entry trail by creek on the left only. 
Birds seen about 1/4 mi in after diligently waiting and watching. Good time to 
observe birds normally preferring high tree tops due to relative sparseness of 
tree foliage.

Yellow-Throated Warbler (3 heard singing, 1 male seen high in Sycamore 
Northern Parula (4 heard, 2 seen).
Black-and-White Warbler (2 seen).
Louisiana Water Thrush (1 seen in creek)

Unconfirmed Cerulean song, none seen.

Other non-warbler species: Brown Creeper (1); E. Bluebrids; Downy, Red-
bellied, Pileated woodpeckers; TVs; Red-Tailed and Red-Shouldered Hawks; 
usual Tit-Mice, Northern Cardinals and Chickadees.

Linda Bobo
Chesterfield MO

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