I believe pink peeps are a lot like pink elephants.  Anyone can see one
if you drink enough.  Happy 4/1
torrey berger 


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Subject: Help ID'ing peeps at Lake Jacomo

Christine Kline and I were birding Lake Jacomo yesterday afternoon, on a
beautiful breezy day.  Not much happening on the lake....a couple male
buffleheads, a single ring-gilled gull, a few cormorants in flight,
plenty of TV's aloft,  and bluebirds a-courtin' in the trees. 

 Most vexing was a flock of peeps.  I'll admit I'm not the best at
ID'ing them, but luckily Christine had her camera and got some decent
photos.  There are a variety of peeps, as you can see from the pictures,
but sizes were all quite similar. 

The first photo was taken from a distance, the second is quite a bit
closer, and after we flushed them, there is one shot of a few in flight.

Any help with IDs would be appreciated. 

Have a great day, all   ;-)

Heidi McCullough , Kansas City (Platte County)

(with help from Christine)


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