Okay, I've written about the N. mockingbird that hangs out with E. starlings, being a bit percussive in song/chatter.  Later yesterday, I heard some "mockery" that was more lyrical, pretty.. I looked and at first thought it was the previously mentioned mocker..  Then there were two mockers, looking very much alike in size, other visible qualities.. ( no list here).  There was some "playfulness" or perhaps territoriality between them .   Last summer I had two n. mockingbirds that did not look alike. One was more stout , the other more slender. Coloration varied between them. I sort of thought they were a pair, they fed cooperatively. However, I did not see any young being fed, so not sure they reproduced to my awareness. 
   So, it is pleasant to have varied "mockery", reflecting the usual birds in my "garden" (as Les Jenkins would say). 
   Now, if I were really scientific, I first would keep better field notes and second would gather DNA data from the respective two similarly appearing mockers and learn more about them. 
   And if I were so inclined I would place bets on the basketball blowout tomorrow. 

 Jane Allen
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 St. Louis County 
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