Too bad those ID Frontiers ideas weren't posted on their list so the rest of us could see them!

Playing the devil's advocate here.  How would you resolve the size issue?  Maybe that's another ancestral trait situation where the hybrids are going to be smaller than the parents?  I would expect a Brewer's to be much larger than your bird.  In fact, Audubon's Brewer's Duck was described to be in the same size range as a Mallard or Gadwall.  I really don't see your duck being a whole lot bigger than the BW Teal in the photos.  At least not a whole 10-inch wingspan difference.  Maybe a little larger due to hybrid vigor.

For comparison:
Gadwall:   Length 18 to 22 inches, Wingspan 33 inches, Weight 18 to 44 oz
Mallard:    Length 20 to 26 inches, Wingspan 32 to 37 inches, Weight 35 to 46 oz
BW Teal:   Length 14 to 16 inches, Wingspan 22 to 24 inches, Weight 8 to 19 oz
GW Teal:  Length 12 to 15 inches, Wingspan 21 to 23 inches, Weight 5 to 18 oz
Brewer's:  Length 23 inches, Wingspan 39 inches, Weight 25 oz (Audubon's measurements)

If you're basing your decision on Brewer's by ignoring  plumage details due to variations in how ancestral genes are expressed, then discounting a BW/GW Teal on the basis of plumage that doesn't quite fit (different facial pattern and underwings that you got an iffy look at, etc.) is a little contradictory.

In reality, I think we're never going to know!  You can make this into any number of possibilities if we're talking recessive ancestral traits.  But, I'm pretty low on the totem pole of experts, so what do I know.  I DO know Kirk could probably make it into one delicious entree!

I think I'm still in the Fisher/Gearheart camp.  A fun bird that makes you think!  Good job on getting those photos.

Almost done with her beer,
Linda Williams
Liberty, MO
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