Brevity due to time restraints, not "anything else".

THOUSANDs of shorebirds on Glacial Sand Road Sat. evening (road between 
Keetman rd. road sod farms and
the southern leg of Keeteman road - please use google maps "Old Monroe, MO" 
for location)

Mostly Golden Plover, Pects flying back/forth between this wet field & 
semi-dry field west of/next to Old Monroe
Sand & Gravel business. All were feeding heavily. (few yellowlegs and maybe 
other non-marshmallow peeps in the mix)

Those with patience/good optics might find something different there since 
so many are gathering here.
Of course, this could change any time and there be nothing.

gotta' go.
Still limping along with computer/e-mail.

Charlene Malone
St. L co. 

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