Dear Ken,

I don't think I've ever claimed any cover other than my personal life. My views on Eliot are easy to find, but they have not been static over the years.

>>> Ken Armstrong 04/25/10 2:25 AM >>>
Nancy Gish wrote: I have not read it, but attempts to define a design were the major way of reading it in the 1940s and 50s. Does this say anything new?
I've ordered the book from our interlibrary loan system, just on the thought that reading it before suggesting revisions might be a useful approach to it. In the meantime, from the Google preview, it is clear that you, Nancy, are quoted as representing one side of the ongoing debate over TWL. There goes your list cover. ;-) 

Ken A 

>>> DIana Manister 04/24/10 9:15 AM >>>
Dear CR,

"Design" in this title seems to mean "intention" rather than structure. The jacket blurb suggests that the book focusses on thematic content, such as the quest element, etc. rather than the poem's architecture. Not that they can be completely separated, of course, but "Themes of The Wasteland" would seem to be a more accurate title.