Dear Tim,
If anyone knows the answers, it is probably Jewel and Ron Schuchard.  They are editing the complete prose I'm sure you know. 
In Volume I, however, there are letters that are not included.  Who knows?

>>> Timothy Materer <[log in to unmask]> 04/21/10 10:17 AM >>>
Has anyone read Volume 2 of the Letters? If so, I'd be curious to know
which letters seemed the most interesting to you. There are lots of
routine business letters, but also many fascinating ones, including
letters by Vivien, Henry Ware and Charlotte.

Can anyone explain what the publishing rationale is? Vol. 2 covers
1923-25. If it takes similar amounts of time to produce volumes for
subsequent three-year periods (or fewer, as the correspondence
increases), when will we have letters that cover his entire life? Are
there any plans for a Selected Letters that would give readers a
complete range?

One last question. Are all the letters from 1923-25 included, or are
certain ones dropped? The organization by date implies that all
letters are included, but one can't be sure.

We can only speculate, I suppose. But does anyone have any guesses to