From time to time I get emails from readers of my website.  I've gotten
a few in the last couple of weeks that have some information that I
would like to past on.  Two are from authors of new books and one from
a gent who learned a bawdy version of "Red Wing" from cowboys in the

Unfortunately for most of us the books are in Dutch and Italian. There
may be lurkers out there though who can handle this.

The lastest to arrive was the announcement of a novel just published.
The author provided a website to go to for information about the book
 ( and "Dall'Aprile a Shantih" respectively )
but as the site is in Italian I add the email to me here:

   Hello Rickard,
   My name is Michele Cecchini and I am writing to you because I
   appreciate the site regarding The Waste Land.

   As regards Eliot, I wrote my
   first novel DALL'APRILE A SHANTIH, published in Italy by Edizioni
   The novel was published a few days ago and received a warm welcome.

   The title refers to T. S. Eliot's poem. From the
   Anglo-American poet the novel draws its inspiration for the
   atmospheres, for the painful tension, for some symbolic references and
   for the method.

   The story moves from an historical event: in April 1750, Paris is
   panic-stricken because of numerous mysterious disappearances of
   children. Citizens accuse to police forces.

   The story then moves to Italy, and settles in the late 19th century in
   a provincial town (Lucca), where a similar episode happens.
   The parallels between events which are so distant in space and time
   suggests a cyclical pattern that is more than a coincidence.
   Little by little, a microcosm comes out: it is populated by fearful,
   insecure, cold people, who are dominated by aggression, cynicism and
   alienation, in a land that has lost its innocence.

   I hope you are interested in this novel.
   For more infos, please visit my website:

   Best regards,
   michele cecchini

The second book is a translation of "The Waste Land" into Dutch. The
author, Paul Claes, ( ) wrote:

   My book may interest you since it contains hundreds of new insights
   and a new interpretation. T.S. Eliot, Het Barre Land/ The Waste Land,
   Amsterdam: De Bezige Bij 2009 (ISBN 978 90 234 2538 0) is written in
   Dutch, but I'm translating it in English.

Claes provided me with some short commentaries on a few lines and they
are much to my liking.  I once vacationed in NL and had fun picking up
newspapers and trying to decipher them but for this book I think I'll
wait for the English version.

The third piece of email I got came with remembered bawdy lyrics to
the song "Red Wing."  This is the song that Australian soldiers sung
with their own lyrics that included Mrs. Porter and her daughter.  For
more information on "Red Wing" and TWL go to:
For a cowboy version of the song see this webpage:

    Rick Parker