> Peter Montgomery wrote:
> Living a religion and understanding it are two different things.

Perhaps, but the mass slaughters of the Religious Wars of the
166th-17th  centuries were brought to an end essentially by an implicit
agreement on the part of all that "living a religion" was a private
matter, and that social relations would not be disrupted by inserting
"living a religion" into general human discourse.

Rembmer;, Christians make up a definite minority of the world poulation,
and the relative military strentgth of the Christian nations is
declining. Christian survival may well depend on keeping diccourse on
"living a religion" confined to secttarian circles, while general human
contexts, such as e-lists, deal only with understanding (abstractly)
this or that religious doctrine.

If I understand correctly the general thrust of CR's posts over the last
year, the contradictions between him and several billion humans can only
be resolved through bloodshed. Does he really want that?