Hah! That's really funny! Eliot could English better than anyone of  
his time, and his critic doesn't English well at all. I love it when  
new usages are born from errors. Can 'to Chinese' and 'to Russian' be  
far behind?

I collect broken English phrases; it's a kind of hobby of mine. Now I  
have another! Thanks!


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>> You'll note that all the
>> translations are out of copyright,
>> so you get to read Englishing that
>> you might not otherwise come across.
> Well, that's the second bit of Englishing that I came across today
> that I rarely see.  Here is the first, a 3 minute addition to the
> T.S. Eliot Wikipedia page:
> T. S. Eliot was a silly silly man, he does not know how to english  
> well now
> Regards,
>    Rick Parker