To new birders wanting to find mostly common birds this spring in the St. Louis area: 

There is an amazingly informative book that was penned by five local birders, three of
them still with us, Connie Alwood, Paul Bauer and Randy Korotev, called "Birds of the St. Louis Area: WHERE and WHEN to find them"
Not sure where to obtain a copy now, but if one goes to the WGNSS website ( one could probably find out where to purchase one or contact info, if the books are still available.
St. Louis Library system use to have copies of it, now I do not know. 

Roughly in the middle of the book there is a species account of most of the birds seen in the St. Louis area. YES, a small portion of the accounts are a bit dated but high % still applies.That can be supplemented by checking through the Mobirds archives during the spring months if one  was not in the area or birding in spring of 2009..or even other years.    

This reminds me when Jim and I first started birding in "oldie times" (1994 or so), this book and ALL the copious amount of reference materials were NOT readily available, so we did make ourselves pains in the behinds of patient birders on the Sat. WGNSS walks when asking about the WHERE birds were seen.  Newbies yes, but we also realized we needed to STUDY as much as possible whatever info was available BEFORE we went out into the field, because birding is 90% studying before even lifting a set of bins.  
When the St. Louis book came out, we kept it with us in the car when birding and even got another copy to have at home to consult when needed. This book was worn out so that we didn't need to bug birders all the time as to where we could see the more common birds. We respected our fellow birders to not have to rewrite information that was easily obtained in this book. 
We also knew that with the studying we had to apply it ourselves if we ever wanted to get half way decent at birding. It's that old, "feed a man a fish v. learning to fish" proverb thing.... NOT saying one should not ask questions, we all are learning and will need help once in a while, but Jim and I realized we had to be responsible for most of our own education of the more common birds if we wanted to further ourselves.
It worked for us, I know in this "tell me what will be on the test only" society whether or not this works for others is up to them to think about/apply for themselves. 

That's all I am going to devote to this topic.
Main computer dead/near death, maybe lost a lot of pertinent info if not brought back to life and I am using Jim's laptop which I am not accustomed...everything taking three times as long.
Full Moon at work I guess. 

Good spring birding....Outta here. 
Charlene Malone

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