MidMO Update, 3-27-10, Yard Area, 10 miles E of Columbia, MO, Boone Cty.


Blue-winged Teal, new yard bird, on 3-24 and 3-26

Red-shouldered Hawk, 1, calling

Killdeer, arrived 3-24

Northern Mockingbird, singing at store 3-27

Cedar Waxwing, small flock regularly visiting bath since mid March, at store area on 3-27

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Eastern Towhee, 1M, 3-24, 3-26

Fox Sparrow, 2, singing in AM

Song Sparrow, 1

White-throated Sparrow, singing

Junco, singing

Red-winged Blackbird

Large flock of grackles on 3-26

E. Meadowlark, singing

Purple Finch, singing

Am. Goldfinch, singing

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