The ducks were everywhere at EBCA today! Hundreds of Lesser Scaup, Green-winged Teal, N. Shovelers (thousands), Mallards, Coots, and the other "usual suspects". @150 Bufflehead too. Didn't see the Sandhill Cranes.
Horned Grebe- looking out of place in Pool 10, right near the one-way loop, hanging around with coots.
Red-breasted Mergansers (2 female)- right across from the H. Grebe, in the channel parallel to the south side of Pool 10.
Greater Scaup (2)- male and female, in distribution channel with Lesser Scaup
Ross's Geese (6)- out by themselves, in Pool 11, next to one-way loop.
No Fish Crows, American Golden Plovers, Tree Swallows, etc.- yet. Things could change next week!
Andy (and Aidan) Forbes, Boone Co.
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