I went to the usual spot at the end of Wyatt Road and heard lots of Woodcocks peenting tonight. Indeed,  I have never heard so many before. The peents were virtually constant. I also saw two birds fly in about 30 yards from the parking lot.
To enjoy Woodcocks in Blue Springs, take 7 Hiway south (3-4 miles South of I-70; about 1 mile south of the intersection with Liggett Road) to Wyatt Road. (The entrance to Wyatt Road is almost directly opposite a large sign advertising the Colonial Nursery). Go west on Wyatt until it ends at a parking lot. (About .6 mile). Park there. The peenting starts about 10-15 minutes after sundown. Since the birds are landing only about 30 yards from the parking lot, they should be easier to find and see on the ground there than at most other places, certainly better than at Burr Oak Woods. 
They are on public land.
It is my understanding that some of these birds are breeders; others are probably migrating through.
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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