Lost Valley Trail is a part of Weldon Spring Conservation Area, so report birds found on the Lost Valley Trail under Weldon Spring CA (St. Charles Co.).  In the "comments" section you can make a note that the report is for the Lost Valley Trail portion of the area.

CACHE is an acronym for Conservation Areas Checklist.  SPARKS is for State Parks.  The Audubon Society of Missouri (ASM) has letters of agreement with MDC for the conservation areas and with DNR for the state parks.  There is no working agreement to gather and record data for other entities.  Thus, a city park (such as Tower Grove) that does not have a management agreement with MDC is not included in either database.  RMBS is a US Army Corps of Engineers site.  At Corps sites that have a management agreement with MDC, we input data; sites without such a management agreement are, at present "orphaned."

Perhaps an agreement can be made between ASM and the Corps for input of RMBS data.  I, for one, would sure welcome it, as it is a critical site to the Missouri bird occurrence record.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Mar 19, 2010, at 10:38 PM, Chrissy McClarren wrote:

I just started entering a few trips on Cache and Sparks.  Unfortunately, I don't often count the birds I see or write down all I see - just highlights.  But...I want to enter my info anyway.  Sometimes I really don't remember even a good estimate on the number of birds of a species I saw - should I just put down that I saw only one, in that case?
By the way, I don't see anywhere to report my trips to RMBS.  Is this another place, like Tower Grove Park, where I have to enter my data on E-Birds?  I couldn't find a place for trips to Lost Valley either.  I still have to figure out E-BIrds.
Getting there...
Chrissy McClarren
St. Louis City

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