Creve Coeur Lake
For about 4 weeks now, Ruddy Ducks have been utilizing the lake as a gathering spot.  To date, the highest number I have recorded has been 80.  Some are showing a nice cinnamon plumage as well.  Common Mergansers, which have left this area now, also gathered in strong numbers in Jan. and Feb.  The numbers I am comparing to are from previous CACHE entries for Creve Coeur Lake.
Red-Breasted Mergansers are now increasing in their numbers.  What was once 1 and then 5 has jumped to 18 as of this afternoon.  Not huge numbers I know, but big for this area.
I also had the good fortune of video taping a pair of Chickadees doing some home remodeling.  It was very interesting to watch the excavation and the wood chip removal; a cooperative effort. 
Bryan Prather
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