Hey Chrissy - You certainly did drive past my daughter and I out at Columbia
Bottom CA on Saturday.  We had a pretty good time.  And, I did get the whole
family back over to Young CA for the woodcocks.  We all got to enjoy them
within 'feet' away from us.

Glad to see you finally got them yourself!


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Well, I did some "doodling" all by myself tonight at Young CA - where Josh
initially find a large group of "doodles."  It was fabulous.  Long story,
but to make it short, the timberdoodles started peenting from a bit far away
for about 10 minutes, so I peented in my expert peenting fashion (hee, hee -
actually, I am pretty birdjam needed here, ha! But if anyone wants
to donate an IPOD and Birdjam that'd be fine by me - I'd use it
ethically...swear) and they appeared suddenly on the trail.  They are
definitely territorial.  

I got such incredible close-ups because I continued to peent at them and
they started walking right up to me, within three feet - and making little
grunting noises, like they were trying to scare the competition
away...little (uh, I mean big) old me.  Thank you so much.  It was a bit
daunting by myself, but I wanted to get the lay of the land before I took my
Mom and my honey with me, maybe this Friday.  

I am excited for you and your daughters.  Fun!  Sounds like they got into
it, but you need to take them to Young CA where they can see them.  They
will go gaga, I am sure. I did!

Thanks again,
Chrissy McClarren

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> Took my two girls out tonight (March 10) to
> look for Am. Woodcocks in new locations hoping this would be
> a bird that might hook them.  
> My daughter actually beat me to the call when she
> heard the first 'peeeenttt' just a couple miles
> from our house at the Allenton Access off of Hunter's
> Ford Road (St. Louis Co.).  Considering she had never
> heard one before and only had my description to go from, I
> was pretty impressed.  We heard at least 2
> there, one was across from the entrance
> to the Allenton Access and another was in the field
> just north of the access road.
> Here is a map if anyone is interested:
> The girls said it was cool - we will see if they
> remember it tomorrow - and a new county bird for each
> of us.
>  Joshua Uffman
> St. Louis County, MO
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