Dear Friends:

As many of you are aware, we have 2 fledgling great horned owlets out of the 
nest here at Tower Grove Park.  They are beautiful animals, and we are 
hopeful that they can develop to maturity.  They are understandably popular, 
but we do have a concern that the close attention that they are receiving 
could have a detrimental effect on their care by their parents.  The adults are 
trying to feed the owlets, but sometimes the observers are so close to the 
owlets that we fear that the feeding is being interfered with.  For that reason, 
we have consulted with MDC and others and have the following urgent 

Please do not approach the owlets closer than 200 feet.  If you see anyone 
else doing so, you can advise them to stay back for the benefit of the owlets, 
or you can call the Park Ranger at 314-565-4613.  The Park Rangers have 
been alerted to be on guard about the owlets and they are in touch with the 
Police Department and the Missouri Department of Conservation.  They will 
take appropriate action.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support.  These wonderful 
creatures need just a bit of space and a little more time.  Let’s see if we can 
provide that for them.

Many thanks,

John Karel

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