Is anyone in the St Louis area interested in going to the event listed below? If 
so please send to my personal e-mail, so maybe we could carpool on the Fri 
before. It seems to be about 340 mi away, and viewing usually starts about 5 

As I understand from speaking with the Nature Conservancy, Dunn Ranch in NW 
MO will probably not have PCs for viewing again this yr.

This is a life bird for me.


Linda Bobo
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The Kellerton Bird Conservation Area will be holding its annual Greater Prairie 
Chicken Day on April 10th, 2010. 
Kellerton is about 10-12 west of I-35 (Exit 12) on Hwy 2 in southern Iowa. 

The viewing stand is located two miles west of Kellerton on Hwy 2 and one 
mile south on 300th Ave. The event will be from sunrise to about 9AM. 
Information is already available at the viewing stand, but so far I have not 
been able to find anything online.

The DNR and many of the birders who attend usually bring spotting scopes 
and there is also information to read, donuts to eat, and something to drink. 
It’s a great way to meet other birders and see a wonderful prairie bird.

For more information call:

515-238-5708 (DNR Biologist)
641-464-2389 (DNR Unit)
 Matthew Torres
Leon, IA

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