I have Clay County data for NAMC since 1993, and have been compiler during 
that time. I would post the years 1993 - 1996 to ASM NAMC Listing if I 
could, but the year on ASM starts out in 1997. I haven't checked lately, but 
I'm pretty sure all Clay Co. information has been added starting in 1997. If 
I remember correctly, Pat Mahnkey of Taney County encouraged me to start a 
count in Clay County.

I've noticed for a couple years that the initials, NAMC, have not been used 
in referring to the Migratory Bird Count, but I have never read any 
explanation of why. It seemed like a good idea to me to accumulate spring 
data on birds on the same day every year in a county area; and since some of 
us have made it a priority and take it seriously as well as a fun thing to 
do, we need to find out if this is worth our efforts and how best to record 
the compilations.

Clay County is planning to do a count on May 8, 2010 and I'll post the 
results under Listing/NAMC on the ASM website. I welcome any who would like 
to participate on that day. You may contact me at 816-628-4840 or 
[log in to unmask] I divide the county into sections and assign these areas 
among those who have agreed to work that day, however many hours they want 
to spend in the field. They keep records and fill out a summary sheet, and I 
compile them into one report. Personally I always look forward to the day, 
but would like to know if our results serve a purpose other than our 
enjoyment. Thanks to all those who are searching for more information on 
this subject.

Jo Ann Eldridge, Kearney, Clay County
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