So, we've been doing county "NAMC" counts for years and plan on it again this year, the results are on the ASM/MOBIRDS website, and they are being reported to Dave Rogles.  I guess the question then is, who has Dave been reporting them to?

The Environment for the Americas website doesn't say anything about county migratory bird counts that I have found yet.  On the "About" page it says something about "complete our surveys" but that refers to the type of survey where they are gathering feedback about IMBD activities and educational needs, not bird counts.  They want you to add information to their Resource Index/Directory, but there's nothing there about bird counts either.

EFTA is a great organization and is working hard to promote bird conservation with educational activities and festivals, but I'm still confused about the former NAMC counting and others may be as well.

Linda Williams
Liberty, MO
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