Lost Valley Trail-Weldon Spring Mo
American Woodcocks were in all their glory this evening at Lost Valley.  I took the first left into the trail, crossed a bridge over a stream, and traversed up a hill that opened up into a large field.  I immediately heard that beent.  That would have been enough for me, but they had more to show. I witnessed the following behavior(my first time):
-A squeaky shoe on a gym floor sound-this was as dominate as the trilling sound that I heard while watching them spiral into the air and come back down.
-1 was chasing another in the air about 5 feet off the ground(and real close to me).  I heard the beent from the chasee and trills from the chaser.
I don't know how many there were, although I saw 6 going up, coming down, or chasing-they seemed to be all over.
A Great Horned Owl gave a hoot, too. :)
I know who the you is in the Barred Owls question, at least for this evening-2 were calling.
Besides all that, which took place between 6:15- 6:40, there was a single bat!  This little guy was all over the place, too.  I through some stones in the air to further verify, and sure enough, it gave chase. 
This was an amazing experience for sure.
Bryan Prather
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