I have been on field trips with folks who used walkie-talkies when following each other in cars.  I want to buy a pair.  What kind should I get?  I was looking at a pair of Motorola 22 channel Walkie-Talkies.  Are those compatible, universal, okay, or whatever?  I am going birding at Squaw Creek with some kind MOBIRD folks next weekend who have volunteered to show my husband and I their neck of the woods - and those do-hickeys, uh, walkie-talkie things, would make it a lot easier to bird from our cars.
Peripherally related stuff...
Also, to my great consternation, I was recently in the field at Riverlands when I ran into a fellow birder who said if I'd had them, he could have been radioing me what he saw while we were both out there. So, a lightbulb went on in the old noggin thanks to this fellow birder.  I think these gadgets could come in mighty handy, eh?
I think I saw Josh and his daughter out at Columbia Bottom CA today, too. (From his post, I am almost sure, now.)  It would have been great to have them then, too.  Of course, I would have had to run him down, and he would have had to have one and be willing to turn it on.  Well, anyway, I can see the benefits for those of us who run into the field and want to share.  I don't have a cell-phone or I-phone or whatever text-messaging thing people use to get MOBIRDS messages instantly - and transmit them.  Gotta figure that out, too. 
Chrissy McClarren
St. Louis
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